Your Safety is Our Priority

We've thoughtful designed clinic policies and procedures enable a safe healing environment and high quality acupuncture sessions for your wellness. We thank you for your understanding, patience and cooperation.

Please call us if you have any questions at 440-888-8921 or email us at thehealinghandsclinic@gmail.com


Patient Screening Process

24 hours, prior to your treatment, we will go through a health survey to ensure you're safe to visit our clinic for acupuncture.

We are currently taking patients for non-flu /upper respiratory tract infection medical conditions.

For patients experiencing flu-like symptoms, we ask that you reach out to your family care provider. 


Patient Masks/Face coverings are required 

  1. Please wait in your car or hallway of the medical center

  2. Only scheduled patients are allowed in the clinic, we ask accompanying guests to wait in the car or outside the clinic*

  3. Call us when you arrive at (440) 888-8921

  4. We will call you when the room is available for you

  5. Upon arrival, all patients are required to wash their hands 

* if patient assistance is required, inform us ahead of time and we will contact the assisting individuals when to return to the clinic


  • Before your treatment, all patients are required to wash their hands with soap and water (lather for 15 seconds)

  • Face masks are required to be worn 

Thank you!


After your treatment, please get dressed and remain in the room

  1. Leave your payment on the counter 

  2. List your appointment availabilities 

  3. Our staff will process your checkout

  4. Relax in the room and wash your hands 

  5. Our staff will provide you a receipt/appointment card

Once the check out activities are complete, our staff will escort you for your return home.



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