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Happy Feet without Neuropathy

It's been inspiring hearing of our patient's success stories! It's always eye-opening to explore and understand how acupuncture helps with so many conditions that could greatly impact the daily life. In this series, I hope to share research on how acupuncture helps with different ailments.

"I am ninety years old and have neuropathy in my feet and a pacemaker. Acupuncture has helped me so much. I can still enjoy my life. I feel alive and the feeling in my feet has come back. Thank you both so much." Marcia S.

What an amazing feeling to experience and feel your feet again, Marcia!

Research Articles

Randomized, placebo controlled, partially double-blinded research finds acupuncture to be a cost-effective treatment option which not only potentially improves diabetic related peripheral nerve function and clinical symptoms, but to also improve socio-economic burdens for the individual Link to Article

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